The Cameron Strachan Letter

Improvement and Insight into the Golf Learning Process

18th of July 2018

Sunshine Coast, Australia
For Serious Golfers Only

Dear Golfer,

If you like to think deeply about your golf game and want to take your game to a new dimension (without adding anymore practice time) while simultaneously adding greater enjoyment and satisfaction, then this letter has been written for you.

Here's the story: My name is Cameron Strachan and I'm a golf coach and lateral thinker. If you've read any of my previous work you'll know that I think outside of the box and approach golf learning differently. If you're new here, don't know who I am and like to stick to traditional methods of golf learning, then you probably won't be interested in what I've got to say.

In 2013 I started writing about my latest thoughts and golf learning discoveries. The letter was called the Cameron Strachan Letter (not very original) but it has become my premium publication.

If You've Been Reading My Stuff For A While
You Know I Don't Write Rubbish

such a brilliant philosophical review on life -- so printed out some  copies and sent to my  three daughters and their husbands !! And they don't play golf. They could do worse than follow you wisdom so eloquently and practically explained...

Iain Edwards, NSW

For 8 years I've poured my heart and passion into my website. I've written over 700 articles and they have been viewed by thousands of golfers from all over the world. But I knew I could do better. So I've challenged myself to go deeper - to really explore the learning process and golf improvement in much greater detail. I'm not writing as many blogs and my passion for writing and thoughts were consumed with my monthly letter. Apart from my private coaching clients, my newsletter is the only way you get contact with me.

My Letter contains my best work. And it's full-on. If you don't like reading and thinking deeply about golf then it won't be of interest to you. My thoughts take on the status-quo and will challenge you to move to the edge of your comfort zone - a place where real improvement lives. Here's just some of what it's all about:

Deeper concepts on learning and performance - There are no quick fixes. I just don't believe in them because they don't work. Each edition contains a deeper insight that will challenge you and get you thinking deeply about golf. You can be confident that the ideas presented are based on scientific principles and natural learning strategies, not some gimmick cure you'll read in a typical golf publication.

Videos and other information - Subscription gives you immediate access to a private website that contains bonus videos and other content that relates to each edition. This has been done so you can not only read about the ideas, but you can see them too. Many of us learn more effectively with video, so the CSL has all bases covered.

Back issues - Subscription gives you access to all 12 editions of the letter. This way you can easily scour the previous letters and find the coaching ideas that closely match your specific golf situation. Please note: You get immediate electronic access to each edition (PDF).

No Ads - This is not your typical golf magazine that is full of ads and other commercial products. There are no ads or blatant promotion of products. I've done this so you can focus fully on your game and get the most out of each edition. There are no distractions.

No longterm contracts or commitment - Payment is a once off. You don't need to subscribe indefinitely. You get full and unrestricted access to the information.

Email updates - I email you when I've added new content to the site - so you never miss an update or anything new. Regular communication helps you keep track and gives you the most bang for your buck.

Access to me - Over the journey I've found that my VIP clients ask the best questions and get the most significant improvement. As a result I offer all subscribers access to me via email and phone ... so you can devour the content, apply it to your game and then ask me for any help that may be required. Feedback and support is the best way to keep your game on track and ensuring you're moving in the right direction.

My newsletter is the only place where I discuss the scientific findings of the golf swing and how to implement those findings into you game. I've probably thought more about biomechanics, swing science and natural learning then any other coach, so you can be assured that you're getting solid information from someone who cares and thinks deeply about your game.

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Is this letter for you?

You might be wondering if this kind of thing is for you and if I really can help your golf game with my writing.

I know how you feel. Over the years I've subscribed to all sorts of publications and most have left me feeling shortchanged.

I felt kinda ripped off, that the author was just producing garbage each month and doing the bare minimum, but still happy to charge my credit card.

My letter is modelled on a few guys that produce excellent stuff. Who go the extra mile.

I have found that the CSL has formed into something that I'd like to receive - something of real value. And it has received the best feedback of anything I have done. When I finished the last edition the original subscribers were upset that there were no more editions.

You probably don't want another subscription, but I'm fairly certain that my letter is something that you're going to enjoy and look forward to. Also fairly certain that if you can apply the lessons you'll find a significant breakthrough with your game.

Heaps of bonus golf coaching and ideas (priceless)

To top things off I have included my handy Fast Start Videos and other bonus content that you can view right away.

  • Fast Start Guide To Better Putting
  • Fast Start Guide To Better Driving
  • Fast Start Guide To Better Chipping
  • Fast Start Guide To A Better Golf Swing
  • BioSwing Secrets E-book
  • Secret Confessions of a Rogue Golf Coach E-book
  • The Golfer's Nightmare E-book

How to get started

To get immediate access and become a subscriber to the Cameron Strachan Letter, simply click the button below.

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Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon,

Cameron Strachan

P.S. Not sure? My newsletter is all fresh and new content that will change the way you think and play the game for the better.

You've most likely been reading my stuff for a while and know that I think differently about golf and my writing can inspire you to become a better player. I challenge the norms and am not scared to tell it how it is (my newsletter takes this to an entirely new level).

P.P.S Here are two good reasons why my letter is a good idea for you.

1. The content is not the usual quick fix tips that don't work. I have written about solid learning techniques that are based on human learning and science. No gimmicks or false promises - just reliable content that has been proven to work.

2. You get access to me via email and phone. Let rip with any questions you have, I'm sure a better golf game is just waiting to be let out...

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